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Сайхан мэдээ | SEIZE эрчим хүчний хэмнэлттэй агаарын компрессор "ЗЭЭЛИЙН МЕНЕЖМЕНТИЙН ҮЙЛДВЭР"-ээр шалгарлаа.

Цаг: 2022-08-05 Үзсэн: 20

Integrity is the foundation, and credibility is gold. Recently, SEIZE Compressor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. stood out with its excellent strength and good market reputation. It was awarded the title of "CREDIT MANAGEMENT ENTREPRISE" and issued a certificate. Prove the corporate influence and brand praise of SEIZE Compressor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in terms of quality and integrity!


Integrity is regarded as "the foundation of an enterprise". As a leader in the эрчим хүчний хэмнэлттэй агаарын компрессор industry, SEIZE Compressor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. strictly guarantees product quality and service quality, and takes practical actions to practice "always better than customer expectations; to create a timely, professional, pleasant and thoughtful service concept. ; Everything takes the mission of exceeding customer needs and is responsible for the results!" And is committed to making the user's compressed air cost lower in the industry.


Winning the title of "CREDIT MANAGEMENT ENTREPRISE" this time not only embodies the recognition of the SEIZE brand by the majority of users, but also reflects SEIZE's perfect corporate integrity construction system and scientific enterprise management level, and also reflects the government departments’ and society all sectors’ fully affirmation to SEIZE's long-term trustworthy operation.

In the future, SEIZE will further strengthen the construction of integrity, play a role as a model, and promote the high-quality development of the social credit system.


Тосгүй компрессор ашиглах нь таны үйлдвэрлэлийн хэрэгцээнд хамгийн өндөр чанартай агаарыг өгдөг тул яагаад тосгүй компрессорыг сонгох ёстой гэж?

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